Saturday, November 5, 2016

Romans vs Celts

This one was Daniel's idea. He made it in the summer. I made a masked druid priest but I'm not sure it made it on here. We don't own any explicitly Roman pieces, so their helmets and armor style require a little imagination. This is part of a series of depictions of English battles Daniel has been working on.
It represents Boudicca's revolt from the ambush on legio IX to the battle of Watling street.

The legion is walking through the forest while the Celts on their chariots lie in wait. 

 Chaos ensues. One Roman is suspended in the air by his spear being stuck in a leaf piece.

The battle of Watling street. Daniel did his best to put the Romans in a wedge formation, but it's hard to see in these photos. He also gave the Romans a scorpio. 

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