Saturday, September 7, 2013

Deep Forest

This one is all Daniel's build.


We did our own Batmobile design, based on several of the classic versions. 

The back part looks kind of like a bat symbol.

This upside-down orc shield is the inspiration for the project.

Friday, June 28, 2013


We attempted to recreate the cover of Dinotopia. Daniel mainly worked on minifigures, while I did the dinosaurs and architecture. You should be able to click these to see more detail.

This is what we were attempting to more or less reproduce:

This is shot from a similar angle. I like the tambourine and other details Daniel gave the figures. The Parasaurolophus is just a tauntaun. 

This one shows the visual joke that our sauropod is much too large to fit through our triumphal arch. Gurney's original is based on the arch of triumph outside the Louvre. The dinosaur is looking back wondering how he managed to squeeze through that.

These are supposed to be like the Elgin marbles, I guess, except dinosaur themed.

A top view just so you can see how it is laid out. The green circle piece is the door to Bag End.

You can see here how we attached the little arms on our Struthiomimus. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Flash Gordon

I watched Flash Gordon as a five-year-old. It was the first science fiction movie I remember watching, except the first few minutes of Star Wars. 
From Upper left to right: Barin, Prince of Arboria. Played by Timothy Dalton, with a mustache.
Arborian soldier.
Prince Vultan. Note the beard.
Hawkman soldier.
Lower left to right: Flash Gordon.
Dale Arden. Her quote is a little off; it should be 14 hours.
Dr. Hans Zarkov. He is wearing a Russian uniform shirt to emphasize his nationality.

From upper left: Ming the Merciless.
cyborg from battle control room
General Klytus.
From lower left to right: Ming's daughter
Soldier from Ming's Throne Room
lady who says "what do you mean, Flash Gordon approaching?"