Friday, September 26, 2014

Pirate Ship Solomon

The ship is named Solomon because we own a tile that says Solomon from the Solomon R. Guggenheim art museum set. Click to enlarge.
We had very limited options for the ropes, rigging, and masts. I didn't like the first sails I tried-- they looked like they were made of cast iron-- so I went with rolled up sails.
I don't know what the witch is doing on this ship. Apparently some of the sailors used to work for the British navy?
The ship base is the same one as we used for Noah's Ark.

The cannons are made from palm tree stem pieces.

The captain has 6 different maps in his cabin. It is a cutaway view so you can see inside. Either that or cannon damage. His blankets are made of fabric robes.

The figurehead is made of gold. I think the ship should really be called Solomon's Gold. Because let's face it: these guys are pirates.

This is the captain, up in the crow's nest. He's allowed to go up there any time he wants because he's the captain.  

I don't really know why Princess Leia is on this ship.

This is the pilot.

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