Sunday, January 20, 2013

Flash Gordon

I watched Flash Gordon as a five-year-old. It was the first science fiction movie I remember watching, except the first few minutes of Star Wars. 
From Upper left to right: Barin, Prince of Arboria. Played by Timothy Dalton, with a mustache.
Arborian soldier.
Prince Vultan. Note the beard.
Hawkman soldier.
Lower left to right: Flash Gordon.
Dale Arden. Her quote is a little off; it should be 14 hours.
Dr. Hans Zarkov. He is wearing a Russian uniform shirt to emphasize his nationality.

From upper left: Ming the Merciless.
cyborg from battle control room
General Klytus.
From lower left to right: Ming's daughter
Soldier from Ming's Throne Room
lady who says "what do you mean, Flash Gordon approaching?"

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